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Childhood: These routine immunisations for all children are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You will receive notification when your child is due to receive them. If you have any concerns regarding the childhood immunisation programme please discuss them with the Health Visitor, Nurse or Doctor.

NHS Vaccination schedule

2 months

3 months

4 months

12-13 months

Influenza: It is recommended that the following groups of people receive yearly vaccination against influenza each Autumn:

  • Those over 65 yrs of age.
  • Those with chronic Lung Disease (Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis)
  • Those with Diabetes
  • Those with chronic Heart Disease (Angina, Heart Failure)
  • Those with Kidney Failure/Disease
  • Those with deficiencies of the immune system
  • The Surgery will run special vaccination clinics from the beginning of October each year.

Please contact the surgery at this time to arrange your vaccination.

We regret that the NHS is currently unable to offer Influenza Vaccination to healthy adults under the age of 65 yrs and otherwise healthy children.

Date published: 5th May, 2019
Date last updated: 22nd May, 2019