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Registering with us:

Do you live in our catchment area ?

SN2 (1 and 2)

SN25 (1, 2, 3 and 4)

SN5 (5)

If you are moving to live within our designated practice area and would like to register with us, please call into reception for a Patient Pack, bringing with you  photo ID and a utility bill for proof of address.

We will not refuse to accept any patient on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.


Access to medical records

The practice is registered and complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be ... [continue] Access to medical records


If you are looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend, then you are a carer. The person you look after may be elderly, have a physical ... [continue] Carers

Complaints and compliments

We take complaints very seriously. If you would like to make a complaint regarding the surgery or the services we offer, please contact the Practice Manager  in writing. Every effort ... [continue] Complaints and compliments

GP Practice Transparency Notice

GP Practice Transparency Notice (please click)


The practice operates the GP2GP process of transferring patient records electronically both out to new surgeries when our patients move, or in from other practices when patients move in to ... [continue] GP2GP

Infection Control

Infection Control Statement We aim to maintain a safe working environment for all our staff, patients and visitors to the surgery and to help prevent the spread of healthcare associated ... [continue] Infection Control

Named GP

All patients at Homeground Surgery have a named, accountable doctor who is responsible for coordinating their care. Your named doctor will be allocated to you by the practice. You can ... [continue] Named GP

Patient confidentiality

We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and ... [continue] Patient confidentiality

Patient rights and responsibilities

Patient Charter Your healthcare is provided through a partnership between yourself and the Primary Healthcare Team. The success of that partnership depends on an understanding of each others needs and ... [continue] Patient rights and responsibilities


Practice Privacy Notice (for Patients)Privacy notice As data controllers, GPs have fair processing responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and GDPR law 2018. This means ensuring that your personal confidential ... [continue] Privacy


At North Swindon Practice we are committed to engaging with research projects to support innovation in health care and provide opportunities for you to access new treatments and support. Working ... [continue] Research

Research & Surveillance Centre Practice

This practice is one of over 600 practices in England contributing pseudonymised data for national research and surveillance. Research & Surveillance Centre Practice (please click for further information)

Self care

Did you know that 10 of the most minor ailments seen by GPs can also be treated by you at home? By treating yourself at home you could save a ... [continue] Self care

Summary Care Records

We (the NHS in England) are changing the way we store and manage your health records. Today, records are kept in all the places where you receive care. These places ... [continue] Summary Care Records

Tell us if you are a Carer or are Cared for

Are you looking after or providing support for a relative friend or neighbour? Are you being helped or supported by a relative friend or neighbour? Your GP needs to know ... [continue] Tell us if you are a Carer or are Cared for

Using this website

The medical information on this website, and on any sites linked to from this website, gives general advice only and SHOULD NOT be used as a substitute for the personal ... [continue] Using this website

Video Consultations

Video Consultation Guide for Patients (Please click on the link to find an  explanation of the benefits of a video consultation and how to take part)

Violent or abusive behaviour

We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff or patients. If a patient is violent or abusive, they will be warned to stop their ... [continue] Violent or abusive behaviour

Walk-in Centres

Swindon’s walk-in services can offer help for minor injuries and illnesses, such as cuts, sprains, upset stomachs and small burns. They offer patients an alternative solution to the Emergency Department ... [continue] Walk-in Centres

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 14th May, 2021